Sunday, 24 January 2010

Joyless January??

To find much joy in a January such as this one has been difficult. The snow was a distraction, granted, and I was able to reshape my face into a smile on a number of occasions, especially when I heard the story of my mate Gary falling over. But the lack of sunshine has got to me now. I'm a creature of the sun. Not heat, just sun. A cold crisp morning for me anytime! But no, none of that in January. Just cloud and precipitation in various forms and temperatures. (Nothing worse that really cold rain!)

And so it was that I have been struggling to bring the joy to this blog, ironic given its title and primary purpose. That is until Friday morning, when to all intents and purposes I was done for. Knackered, pissed off and so very tired. A shit week at work for both me and him (although he had it worse really, what with working twelve hour days and that). It is fair to say that I'm not a morning person in winter time, and "he" will probably tell you that I've been particularly intolerant (and no doubt intolerable) of late.

And so it was in a dark mood that we headed towards the tube, Caledonian Road on the Picadilly line. I was on automatic, you know, aiming to simply put one foot in front of another in a semi-catatonic state until I got through the subterrainian hell that is the London underground at commuter time. We crossed the zebra crossing, and I was steeling myself for the squash and push of the carriages as I pulled my oyster card out of my pocket. That's when I noticed it for the first time. Swan Lake, being played gently over the tannoy. And there it was, a little bit of joy!


  1. There she is! Back in Bloggerland!

  2. I got nicked outside Cale Rd tube once. Luckily the shock provided me with a very large boot to arse upgrade in my behaviour and outlook on life.

    And look at my reward a mere twenty years later my blog is being linked to on Johnny B's front page. Now that's joyous

  3. Hi Laura, how's it going? I just nipped out for 5 years. Drop by my blog for old times sake?

  4. Hi Laura:
    Just came across your blog and wondered if you took the time to give yourself the joy you deserve since the January snow. You are worth it!
    With hugs and best wishes